If you’re as obsessed with Stranger Things as we are then these are the props for you! Eggos and all!
As always our props are super easy to make and are such a fun addition to any Halloween party (or in this case even 80s party!). Simply download the set of photo booth props, and print them out at home or at printing shop onto A4 or letter paper. Next cut out all of the props and use some all purpose glue or craft glue to secure your BBQ skewers or bamboo sticks to the back and voila! Photo booth props done!
The set includes a total of 13 props and these are as follows:
  • Castle Byers Sign
  • All friends welcome sign
  • Christmas lights
  • Demagorgan Head
  • Friends don’t lie
  • Hawkins Police badge
  • He likes it cold
  • Mouth breather
  • Slurpie
  • Casette Tape
  • Bitchin
  • I dump your ass
  • Eggo waffle